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Naomi: Team


Former Student

Hi, my name is Naomi Vazquez.  I was 11 years old when Alysia and I met and began working on a showcase in her drama club. She had a passion for teaching students that I've never seen before. She interacts with everyone as well as making sure that we understand the martial of what we are going to be acting. In the summer of 2015, I was at Summer camp and I met Alysia there. She created a drama club and encouraged anybody who wanted to join to come. Every kid that came was so excited. She showed us so many things I had never learned before. What I learned from her classes is to let people in, always think outside of the box, and to always be kind to others! She left such a positive vibe on everyone. I can honestly say that she’s one of the most understanding and spectacular teachers I’ve ever met.  If I was ever feeling upset or looking upset, she would always be there to ask what was wrong and give the most amazing advice and make me feel better. In general she's just an amazing person! To this day me and her still continue to talk. She inspired me to do acting. Alysia is the best person you could ever have in your life. You are definitely missing out if she is not in your life. I’m currently 15 and still love to work in theatre , If it wasn't for her I would have missed out on how much fun acting is. I have Alysia to thank for the best experience in my theatre training. I hope every student that has the opportunity to work with her has the best time with her like I did !

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