Alysia Giakoumas first came up with the idea for The Playground in high school when she developed a “30-year plan” detailing her future business teaching acting. After taking an entrepreneurship class at Southern Methodist University (SMU), Giakoumas discovered the opportunity to begin her program through the SMU Big iDEAS pitch contest, which won her $1,000 in startup money and countless resources. After her big win, Giakoumas applied to scholarships within SMU and eventually won her second Big iDEAS contest.

The Playground Acting Program works to encourage empathy and enhance the self-esteem of students. Giakoumas is dedicated to creating a diverse, encouraging, accepting, friendly, and no-judgment environment for students to become the best actors they can be. The Playground is committed to the individuality of each student and promotes the idea of “J.O.Y.” (journey of yourself).


ALYSIA GIAKOUMAS is an actor from West Palm Beach, Florida, who studied acting at the prestigious SMU Meadows School of the Arts with a minor in Arts Enteurpenuship. Giakoumas has eight years of experience teaching Acting at a myriad of prestigious programs such as G-Star School of the Arts (FL), Dallas Theatre Center (TX),  FUMC Drama (FL), various schools, and through private lessons. Alysia works professionally as an actor while helping others pursue their dreams. Her students become confident and obtain the vital soft skills needed to have a successful personal and professional career. 


Expressway Towers, 6116 N Central Expressway #700 Dallas, TX 75206

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